Saturday, February 22, 2020

Another Scene From the 65 Pound Lap Dog



"Mom, the guys and I are just going to hang out with the ducks."

Fox Face

At this particular cabin, there are three couches, six beds, and two dog beds. Teddy has slept on all of these available surfaces and made up some new ones.

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Friday, February 7, 2020

My Assistant

No matter what he tells you otherwise, rest assured he does none of the heavy lifting around here.

April 27, 1944

April 27, 1944

Hello Puss,
Right now I am living in the middle of town in a school. Have a rather nice office with even a radio extension. Have been through Liverpool and Manchester and they are both quite big places. Have seen quite a bit of the destruction wrought upon them from time to time. Even though they hastily clear out the places that are destroyed it leaves a scar. Cities are dotted with empty places where there should be homes and shops. Parts of these places still stand.

You know most everything in the building line is made of brick or stone. Sidewalks and even streets are made of stones. The doorsteps in the various homes up town here are made of one large stone that is washed and scrubbed every morning by the wife and believe me they get down on their hands and knees and scrub clear to the street. The stones are often worn in the middle from much use. Some of the houses and buildings are close to 200 years old and look as good as the day they were built.

Long about the 10th of May you will celebrate another day, Puss. Over here they have never heard of Mother's Day, consequently they have no cards or such. Though of you and Mother Dowell and Mother Zimmerman and I do hope they know that it isn't just the one day that I thik of them - it's every day.

Rather glad to hear that you are starting to work if you want to work. I know it will pass the time quicker. Hope it works out all right though.
I love you Puss,

Oh, Moon

You know I can't resist you. 

The Seventh Grade Thank You Note

Last week I helped chaperone a seventh grade field trip to the zoo. This thank you note I received is my favorite.

Another Thing I Made

The latest.

Sunday, February 2, 2020

Smacksy Sunday Links

How to solve for enough.

Finding your best health.

Shifting the distraction habit.

Mismatched silver spoons and the meaning of home.

This Victorian mansion is for sale. And all that gorgeous wallpaper.

Pet quirks.

And tapirs are cool.

Happy Sunday.

Smacksy Saturday Photo: Throws

Replaced the throw pillows that the dogs had not snacked on, but definitely enjoyed moving around the house. This will happen again but I just wanted evidence that we tried. They'll get broken in quickly, but here's a nice before photo.

Saturday, February 1, 2020


When you walk anywhere near the dog cookie jar, this happens.

Levi is Chill

"What's Levi looking at? What's he doing, Bob?"

"He's vibing."

The Wednesday Night Sunset

A view of the watercolor sky from our front door.

The Lemon Tree Update

Here's The Lemon Tree Update you have all been (silently) asking for. The little lemon tree we planted two years ago produced this one, big gorgeous lemon. Baby steps.

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Friday, January 24, 2020

April 23, 1944

April 23, 1944

Hello Darling Puss,

Really feeling tops and I do mean tops - received some letters from you. Thanks for Dorothy's (Lee's sister) address. I guess you know she sent a box of candy and a cigarette lighter. The candy was good - salt water taffy but it won't out do the chocolate. If you can get a hold of some that will fit into a cigar box, send some to me, will you?

I am terrible at remembering dates and anniversaries as a rule, but there are a few that stick in my mind and of course one of those is meeting you. Seems like we never do get to celebrate it like we want to but still it is something I shall always remember. Look what it brought to me. A lifetime of of happiness and joy to make my life complete. I love you very much Puss, with all of me.

Received several pictures of mother and the house and even one of the table set for when they were expecting me for dinner one time. They were good to see and I look at them quite often. And then the picture of you and Sandra came and I'm telling you my Sugar Puss, it's a good thing there are many miles of water between here and the states for it burns deep to come back. Gee, if I could take a plane back all the way it wouldn't get me there quick enough - what am I going to do? Have to keep going most of the time so I won't think too much about it. When I go for a walk in the evenings it helps quite a bit but I'm just looking around for things to tell you.

Puss I love you deeply,

The Bulb

Mr. Rosenberg was given an amaryllis bulb kit from a coworker at the holidays. I finally unboxed it last week. Following the directions on the lid, I soaked the small, compact soil ring and the bulb in lukewarm water for an hour. After an hour, the ring had swollen to fill the white pot. I buried the bulb from the shoulders up, set it on the kitchen table and I waited.

Three days later the rough brown tip of the bulb still looked the same. I thought I had missed a step in the directions. Maybe the bulb itself was a dud.

On the morning of the fourth day I woke up to find the smallest sliver of green pushed out of the top of the bulb. Each successive day since then, more green has shown itself. Sometimes I will walk by to the laundry room and on the way back it will look to have grown again. It probably has.

As I work on a current project that seems massive and unwieldy, I sit at the computer, the bulb in front of me. I look up at it and remember we do big work piece by piece, bit by bit. That under a rough surface, is the possibility of a glorious red flower. It could be a show-stopper.

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Smacksy Saturday Photo: January

Raindrops and Sun

April 15, 1944

April 15, 1944

Hello Puss,
You won't hear Sweet Slumber over the radio I don't think for it is not too popular - I just heard it over the PA system on the boat coming over here. They might have a record of it at the music store.

Had some British candy a few days ago and saved the wrapper to send along with a farthing. The farthing is somewhat rare, at least it is rarely used. Worth about half of a cent and make excellent poker chips. Plan to do a bit of going in the country today for it is such a nice day. In the spring, in Oklahoma, I used to go out on Saturday early in the morning and soak up the sun for about three hours. This is one of those kinds of days.

Tell mother and dad hello for me and give Sandra a hug. And Puss, to you all my love with kisses and a bear hug.


Ted has a relationship going with this throw pillow. I think they're in love.

Two Days a Week

When it's too cold to watch practice, I sit in the car. This is my glamorous view.

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Thursday, January 9, 2020

April 14, 1944

My grandmother, Melva. AKA Sugar Puss

Hello Puss,
I haven't been to London yet but I've visited several places of interest. One of these places was the moors. You have heard of them quite often I know for they have always said that they were so beautiful. They didn't exaggerate any either. The heather which is grass that grows on the moors is very thick and when you walk on it you think it is nothing more than a carpet with a nap of about four inches. The ground is almost always wet so it isn't so nice but to look and walk on it is something. All the fences here are stone and when you look at a mountainside you see green fields cut by brown lines which are the fences. Only a few places where there are forests do you ever see any underbrush of any kind. But I miss the sun not shining most every day and it is so damp here. Too I miss the wood houses and steel skyscrapers for everything here is made of stone and only two or three stories high. Nothing tall as in the states. But most of all I miss you.
Love ya heaps,

Cement Canvas

The wind arranged these perfectly.


He was determined to be in the shot of my new black flats. My feet are basic. His are special.

The Thing I Made


Sunday, January 5, 2020

Smacksy Sunday Links

Living a lighter life. 

The Kaizen method applied.

Things to write in your new calendar.

Stephen Colbert tells the story of when he knew his wife was the one.

Best fifty photographs from around the world 2019.

And dancing flamingos.

Happy Sunday.

Smacksy Saturday Photo: Driving Attire

If you thought you saw me driving through the bank and picking up Bob while wearing my new pajamas, you would be correct. Hello 2020. This is how it is now.


The new family calendar. I found one with lined boxes. Lined boxes! Finally! Life changing in a why- did-I never-look-for-this-before? kind of way.

Looking Out

I do miss the tree, but it's nice to have the window back.

Saturday, January 4, 2020

Taking Down the Tree

I got out the hot glue gun to repair one of my very favorite ornaments.