Wednesday, December 21, 2022

13th Annual Bob's 99 Cent Store Holiday Shopping Trip (*Spoiler alert for immediate family)

Hard to believe we've been making this shopping trip for thirteen years, but believe it we shall because it happened. With Small Bob. Small Bob who's sixteen years-old. Small Bob who's 6'2" 


Aunt Jill - Gray Infinity Scarf. It seems like most years someone gets an infinity scarf. Aunt Jill, this is your year. "She wears a lot of black and gray is good with that."

Pops - The Party Tube: A plastic tube filled with sparklers and those loud pop-it things. "Do you think Bajan will let him use these? Maybe on New Year's? Or maybe he should just use them all on Christmas at our house to be safe."

Jen - Small Green, Ceramic Bowl. "Do you think Aunt Jen would like this, Mom?" "I do." "You do think she'll like it or you mean YOU do like it?" "Both." "There's only one so we'll see what happens."

Me - Bamboo Print U-Shaped Travel Pillow. "Do not look, Mom." "Is it the bowl, or something else?" "I'm not telling you. Did you see?" "No." "Yes you did." (I saw. I couldn't help it.)

Bajan (Mr. Rosenberg's Mom) - Floral Stationery Cards. "Is this a thank you card, Mom?" "No, it's a set of cards." "The thank you kind?" "No, the regular kind." "Like to put gift cards in?" "You could, but they're just for writing in." "I don't get it." "Like when you write someone a letter." "Like a thank you card?" "You could write a thank you card but it doesn't have to be a thank you card. Was that a trick question? " "A little bit."

Meemee (My Mom) - Wooden Noel Sign. "So, Mom, what about this gnome Santa figurine for Meemee?" "It looks familiar." "Oh yeah. I think I got that exact one for her last year. They need to get some new stuff around here." (Said in the store with a million different items.)

Mr. Rosenberg - 12" Brown Vase in the Shape of a Dog. "Mom, do you think this looks more like Teddy or Levi?" "It kinda looks like both of them." "Perfect. He can put it on his desk." (It really is a foot tall. And it really does look like both of them. And he will really will for sure put it on his desk. And he really will 100% love it.)

Wishing you all a swell holiday season.