Friday, February 11, 2011

Overheard at the Pre-School Coloring Table

photo from here

This morning I was a class-parent at Bob's pre-school. I worked at the coloring table. This is what I heard...

Sammy: I'm going to color my paper with rainbows. I love rainbows. They're the promise of God.

Becca: My parents told me there is no God.

David: Yes there is.

Sammy: I believe in God.

Becca: I believe my parents.

David: There is a God. He looks like oxygen and he made all of us, Becca. Even your parents.


  1. kids and their awesome ways of explanation =D <3

  2. Go Sammy! Loving rainbows myself at the moment.

  3. And they say kids aren't capable of thinking anymore....
    Sure, they're repeating what they've been taught, but they're also learning to back up their own opinions and speak up for themselves. Good for all of them! And may they color on in peace and harmony, whether or not they find God in the rainbows.

  4. Ah...the topic of religion...even at the coloring table people can't agree. That's hysterical!

  5. Well- and there you have it. Theology 101.

  6. Wow.. out of the mouths of babes.

  7. 4 and his friend were having a similar conversation on the trampoline last night. I heard this "God made the world and the clouds and even put up those twinkly lights."


  8. i deffs have to give credit to sammy, standing up like that isnt easy. i agree with him- rainbows are a wonderful promise.

  9. Why am I the only one who feels I probably never had a conversation like this as a child? I'm pretty sure I was more of the "mmmm...this glue tastes good" kid.

  10. I've always wondered what oxygen looked like. Now I know; like God. :)

  11. Oh, this setting reminds me of what a preschool teacher once told me, "From their mouths to God's ears."

    What a beautiful thing for him to hear.

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