Friday, January 25, 2013

A Morning

It rained hard over night on Wednesday. On Thursday morning, Daisy was on strike and refused to go outside in the damp cold to do her morning business. She climbed up on to the couch, seemingly determined to "hold it." I left the living room to pour another cup of coffee. A few minutes later, Bob ran into the kitchen and informed me that there was a "house poo" and that it was in the living room.

I returned to find Daisy back on the couch, a doggy deuce on the floor near the fireplace. I grabbed some tissues and picked up the prize. As I walked, my left foot caught a rope dog toy and I slid sideways, coming down hard on my knee and my hip. Poo went flying. I rolled over on to my back. Something caught my eye. Bob ran to my side.

"Mom! Are you okay?"

"I'm not sure."

"That poo is really close to your face right now."

"It is."

"You should get up instead of just laying there."

"I should."

"Have you ever had dog poo that close to your head before, Mom?"

"Not really."

"I bet it's super gross."

"You would win that bet, Bob."

I used to like rain. I still like my dog, mostly.


  1. I hope your knee and your hip are okay, and that you can get through the rest of the day without poo in your face.

  2. Okay, I'm sorry about your fall and, of course, about the dangerous poo proximity...but this KILLED me. *snort*

    "Doggy deuce." Hahahaha!



  3. So funny. I mean horrible. At least "close" is better than "on".

  4. House poo, indeed.

    Hope you are 100% okay.

  5. I found out my new dog, Miss Abbie Lynn, does NOT like to go out in the rain. This led to me being outside, in the rain, in my flannel nightgown, barefoot, with my dog on a leash, saying "GO GO GO! Please GO!"

    1. Great visual! Being friends with a dog can be tough times... xoxo

  6. oh man i just almost spit my lunch all over my screen. You had me at "house poo".

  7. I'm so glad you narrowly escaped the house poo deuce...Dude...Harsh.


  8. I am so sorry about this, but I am laughing so hard there are actual tears falling. "You should get up instead of just laying there." "I bet it's super gross." You and Bob just made my day.

  9. aww, well i hope u have a less poopfull day tomorrow :)

  10. Sweet (stinky) geriatric Ella also has poop issues... and also sleeps on my bed to the left of my head.

    So waking up in close cranial proximity to poop is a weekly occurrence in my house.

    I commiserate.

  11. Not okay. NOT okay. And yet so funny. (Glad you're okay!)

  12. Daisy Do (or should I say Doo Doo) very wrong.

  13. Oh this is SO something that would happen to me. We don't have a dog but I do have a three year old who changes his mind from day to day on whether he feels like being potty trained or not.

  14. I'm sorry, but poo stories just make me laugh.

    I'm actually a 2nd grader.

    Hope you're okay!

  15. Literally made me laugh out loud! Bob oh Bob, stay just the way you are always!

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