Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sunday In Review

I let the dishes sit in the sink.
I left a full load of laundry in the washer and the dryer.
I did not get rid of the piles of papers, artwork, Star Wars action figures, Legos, and tubes of lipstick and loose vitamins that have taken over our dinner table.
I did not pick up the dog hair tufts that are floating through the hallway.
I didn't make my bed.
I didn't hang up yesterday's clothes.
I did not clean the fishbowl. (Sorry Max.)
I didn't polish the piano that's covered in fingerprints.
I left the dust on the shelves.
I never did water the backyard.
I didn't wash the car.

I had breakfast and dinner with people I love.
I had coffee with a friend.
I sang in the car.
I listened to wise people tell their stories.
I loved on the dog.
I had conversations about real things with my husband.
I read a book and ate a popsicle.
I had a Sunday. A real Sunday. An unremarkable yet glorious Sunday.