Thursday, July 3, 2014

At Home And Resting

"Mom? Is Teddy's oral surgery going to make him look different?"

"No. It's just one tooth."

"Are they going to put in a new tooth?"

"No. He'll be fine without it."

"Can't they put in a silver or gold one for him?"

"Teddy doesn't need a grill. It's a small tooth and he'll be fine."

"Okay. It won't change his barking voice, will it?"

"Not at all. When he gets home he'll still be a little goofy from the anesthesia, but that's it."

"Mom, we won't even be able to tell because his usual is goofy."


  1. Not even a diamond-chip molar? Oh, well. Teddy is fabulous no matter what.


  2. That a boy that sure loves his dog something fierce.

  3. Teddy with a grill would be so much awesomeness the world would explode. Thanks for saving the world with that choice.