Friday, November 14, 2014

It's Beginning to Look A lot Like Outlets

This Sunday is the annual holiday outlet mall shopping trip I take with a group of my girlfriends. For eighteen years, armed with coupons and cash, we have made the trek together. The number of us in the caravan fluctuates from year to year. There is some shopping en masse, some solo, and a lunch meet-up. The end of the day always ends at Marie's for pie.

I have been going since since I was digging through the car seats for change to bring on those spare seasons in my early thirties, to now where I qualify for a senior discount. A SENIOR DISCOUNT. There was a time when we shopped for maternity clothes with our friend Karen who was pregnant with twins. This year one of her babies will be coming with us to do her own shopping. That baby has a driver's permit.

I am not much of a shopper, I don't love malls, but I love this tradition. For me it is the real start of the holidays. I may or may not come back with many shopping bags, but I will always return with memories of a day spent with friends. And pie.


  1. And in just five years you will qualify for the senior prices at Denny's. :)

  2. You get a senior discount at 50?? In this country you would have 15 more years to wait!!

    Have a good day out :)