Wednesday, January 7, 2015

When Teddy's Nephew Comes Over

Most frequently heard phrases when my Mom's puppy, Samson, comes over to play:

"Guys! Enough of whatever you're doing. It can't be good."

"Stop licking the wall."

"Everyone sit down. Get out of the water bowl."

"Who made that smell? Guys?"

"Sam, take your head out of Teddy's mouth."

"Off the piano bench, you two."

"What are you eating? What's in your mouth what's in your mouth what's in your mouth?"

"Everyone off me."

"What happened? Why are you both licking the couch?"

"Ted, do not sit on him."

"Go do something. Not that. Or that."

"Mouth off of the remote."

"I love you. And you too. Yes, I do. Who are my good boys? No really, who?""


  1. As the mother of a boy named Sam and a dog named Teddy--this could be my house.

  2. Aside from the name/gender differences, this is basically a script of my life from my kids' first seven years of life.

  3. We don't have dogs, but I'm sure I've said these exactly same things to my kids.