Monday, October 19, 2015

Skyping Mr. Rosenberg

Mr. Rosenberg, also known as the math homework checker, is in Beijing for the week. It's 15 hours ahead there, so we needed a homework plan. Plan: Bob and I will be taking cell phone photos of Bob's completed work and texting them to China. Jeff will read it and then make any corrections while Skyping with Bob at dinner time. Technology rules.

I am on the low tech end of things: I'm really good at flash cards.


  1. Flash cards sound about my speed. I am such a dinosaur. Bob is a lucky boy, I bet you guys miss Mr. R.

  2. Hey, I'm a teacher, and I still find flash cards an excellent way to review new vocab words. I also use math flash cards when I'm teaching ESL or Spanish; they just have to do the math in their target language, meaning they review math skills and language skills at the same time.
    Sure, I use the techy stuff whenever it helps, but if flashcards do the same job faster, I use flashcards.