Thursday, December 31, 2015

Action Plan 2016

How will I fill the pages of the calendar for 2016? How will I tell my story?
How will I be more kind? More gentle? More present?
How will I find time with my family? My friends? My thoughts?
How will I read more books? How will I write more books?
How will I be a better cook? A better piano player? A better person?
How will I listen better to other people? Or listen to more music? Or listen to more silence?
How will I take care of my body? My spirit? My prayer?
How will I be more patient? More vulnerable? More loving?
How will I want fewer things and more experiences?
I'll start with a decision to be these things, to do these things.
And practice. I'm going to need practice.
And I will start over new again every day. Often many times in a day.


  1. When I think of you I think kind, patient, gentle, present and loving. You're already resolute. :)

  2. When I read a post like this, I understand, over and over, why I return. You keep me remembering who I am, and how maybe I'm not so different from others, the way I feel. Thank you, Friend. Happy new year!

    1. That makes me happy, Alexandra! Love to you in the new year! xo