Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Dark Wednesday

There was a six-hour electric company planned power outage today at Casa Rosenberg. I've been dreading the inconvenience of it for the past few days. It was stormy and dark and raining sideways so I lit some candles. No power? No laundry. No vacuum. Also no coffee maker, no computer, and no heat. 

Our oven is gas so I turned it on and did some baking to warm up that part of the house. (Made this and these.) I played piano. I talked to Karen on my cell phone, made pour-over coffee and hung out with Teddy. I read a book with a flashlight. (This book. Fun.) Clouds and candlelight made the dirty bits of the house invisible. A dark house has never felt so inviting.

It was fantastic.

Contemplating having a "planned power outage" every week. 

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