Friday, October 14, 2016

He is an Excellent Listener

I read a fascinating interview today with an animal communicator. One of the things he talked about was his belief that our animals understand everything we say to them. He said we should talk to them a lot and explain situations that will affect them. I'm ahead of the game because I talk to Teddy all the time. I mean like all the time. I tell him e v e r y t h i n g. So if I believe what the communicator is saying, it means that perhaps Teddy knows too much. He's not telling any of my secrets though. He's a vault. As far as I know.


  1. I talk to Hoover constantly. I have taken to telling him about my activities when I get back home. I don't know what he understands, but it sure helps me.

  2. Teddy is the best listener, ever.

  3. Of course Teddy understands everything! Look at him! He's amazing!


  4. I'm very relieved to hear this, as I talk to Ziggy Stardust at great length.

    Just now I ended a playdate early because of her misbehavior, and as the people walked away I could hear them laughing as I turned to say: "Do you see that? This is what happens when you misbehave; people and dogs leave. Nobody wants to be around you when you're a jackass. This is a natural consequence of your belligerent shenanigans. We will try again when you can act like you are not insane."

    And that is how we talk all the time. She knows how much I love her, where I am going and when I'll be home, the content of what she's eating, who is coming and when, how I feel about people leaving dog poop along our walk, where kids are walking to, and everything else. My neighbors think I'm insane for how much I talk to her when we're out walking, but it's the best I've found for helping mitigate her meltdowns.