Thursday, January 19, 2017

That Time I Was in a Madonna Video

Costume Fitting

If you've known me for awhile, you may remember that I used to pick up work as a movie/tv/video extra. If you're fancy you can say I was a "background actor." I'm not that fancy. I wrote about it some years ago and you can read it here and laugh at my giant hair.

In some cases, an audition was required for a background role. One audition I went to was in 1992 for a Madonna music video called "Deeper and Deeper." I was asked to look like I was going to a 1970s dance club. I went to the apartment of my friend Arianne who is a costume designer. She was kind enough to lend me some 70s-wear including massive platform sandals. (Fun Fact: Some years later, she became Madonna's costume designer.)

Costume Fitting 

I booked the job.

I am in the video for approximately one second. Maybe 20 frames at the most. This is the result of 12 hours of sweating at the Roxbury Club. I am seen here in my Madonna moment of glory, dancing with drag icon, Chi Chi La Rue.


I'll let you figure out who's who. 

I did not meet Madonna, but I will say she seemed like she was having a good time. Of course she was. She's Madonna.