Saturday, February 11, 2017

Smacksy February Good Things Thing - Day 11

Today we're going to ask a couple of people for a few moments of their time. Copy and paste the following into emails to a minimum of three separate people. Who are you sending this to? People that know you. Like, know you know you. Your mom, your best friend, your partner, like that.

Dear Nice Person,
I am hoping you will help me with a brief experiment. 
Will you please reply to this email with three adjectives about me?
Thank you!

And what will you do with this raw data?
Simply ponder it.
Are you surprised by the answers?
I think we all know that how we perceive ourselves can often times be different, sometimes vastly different, than how others experience us.
Just things to consider.

Also? I think you're pretty wonderful.

Get happy.
See you tomorrow.