Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Customer Service

"Our driver reported that the delivery has been completed."

"Yes, I got that text. Nevertheless, the package isn't here."

"I am forwarding you a photo, taken by the driver, of the package sitting at the door of the location."

"I see the photo. That is not my doorstep in the photo. I have sent you a photo of my doorstep. It is the doorstep of a white house with blue shutters and no delivered package."

"Mrs. Rosenberg, the address we have on file matches the address you gave me."

"Yes. That doesn't seem to be solving the problem."

"We will be happy to refund your payment full and give you $10.00 off your next order."

"But if you can't get it to me, what's the point in making a next order?"

"Okay then, we will give you $20.00 off your next order."


  1. How about they go to the wrong house pick up your package and bring it to the correct house.

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