Thursday, November 23, 2017

This Year

"Bob, when you're older and you look back on this Thanksgiving, and you might, I hope you'll say, 'When I was eleven years-old, my mom decided for the first time ever, she couldn't cook Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving was her favorite holiday and she loved cooking. We had gone shopping during the week to a bunch of different stores to get all the right ingredients. She had made Thanksgiving dinner so many times before, she didn't even need a list. That year, on the Wednesday when she would always make the pies, she just couldn't. She said there was no real reason, she was just tired and didn't have it in her. 

"So that night, we went to the store as it was closing and picked out little plastic cartons of pre-made Thanksgiving food - enough for ten people. We filled up a whole shopping cart. My mom wanted her friends and family over and she wanted the celebration even though she needed to change her part of it. I was disappointed because I thought I would get to help out in the kitchen. I was sad and afraid it would all be different. The one thing she didn't buy pre-made was the whipped cream. She let me pour the carton of cream into the big blue bowl and use the hand mixer to whip it up. I got to lick the beaters.

"On Thanksgiving day, everyone came over and we sat around the big table on the back porch and Pops said grace and we talked and ate and laughed and it was just like normal. It tasted a little different but we were grateful and people we love were there. It was still Thanksgiving and it was still good.'"

"Yeah, mom. I will totally say that."


  1. Love this, and totally get it. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours❤

  2. Oh man, this broke my heart just a little. I know how much this means to you and I do hope that feeling better is on the horizon.

  3. I am a reader who never comments but also wanted to say "Way to Go!". It's easier for me since I don't like to cook so wouldn't miss the emotional connection to that but I certainly honor your ability to honor yourself in that moment and know that different can be OK. It's about the people not the things isn't it?

  4. The love is all that matters, and there is NEVER any shortage of that in your home. Enjoy your holiday any way you like, my friend.

  5. Oh yeah. A few years ago I started ordering some of the food pre-made from New Seasons and then I just do the turkey and a dish or two (especially something that can be made in the crockpot). This frees me up a lot and then I get to visit with my guests.

    Best thing I ever let go of.

    1. I like your idea. I think some pre-made and some made-by-me will be the plan going forward! XoXo