Friday, December 1, 2017

I Still Dream I Live in the Villa Carlotta

In 1992, I was looking for a new apartment. I was specifically looking in Hollywood near my job on Ivar Ave just south of Hollywood Boulevard. I found myself looking at an apartment in a building called the Villa Carlotta on Franklin. It was beautifully shabby in an artsy old Hollywood way. The apartment that was available had a murphy bed and a Juliette balcony overlooking the garden patio in the center of the building. Pets were allowed. I wanted it.

I was offered the place. Then I told the manager I had a labrador. They only allowed small pets. Stella was too big for the Villa Carlotta. I soon found a place in another old building that would accept me and Stella, six blocks away on Argyle Ave. It was fine, but it wasn't the Villa Carlotta.

Since then, a handful of times a year, I have dreams that take place in that apartment I never lived in. I had another of those dreams just recently. I searched for more information about the building. This article describes it well. This one is fascinating.  This has some great photos. This article gives an update.

Oh, Villa Carlotta. I wonder if she dreams of me too.


  1. You know what? You've got me wishing I could live there or had lived there. Also- I really, really wish you had been able to get that apartment. What a magical place. I loved reading about it.

    1. I think we would have been perfect tenants. You could have had a few chickens in the yard. Xo