Monday, February 5, 2018

No, No Soy 90s Yo

Natalia Ariñez, 23 Years Old, Architecture Student (detail), 1999, from the series The Sons and Daughters, Tucumán, Twenty Years Later, Julio Pantoja (Argentine, born 1961). Gelatin silver print. The J. Paul Getty Museum, purchased with funds provided by the Photographs Council. © Julio Pantoja

Nope, that is not 90s me on the banners advertising the Argentinian photo exhibit at The Getty. 

90s me was way too busy:
A. Leaving her pull-out cassette car stereo inside her Jeep and having it stolen bi-weekly.
B. Going to commercial auditions for various soft drinks - All Ethnicities, Melrose Casual, Be Prepared to Dance)
C. Wearing denim overall shorts over lace leggings with Doc Marten's and a baby-T.
D. Memorizing all of the words to Losing My Religion.
E. All of the above.

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