Thursday, May 24, 2018

A Very Good Night

Let's say you are twelve-years-old and love baseball. Yes, you love the Dodgers but you really love the Rockies most of all. So on the one night this week that you don't have your own baseball practice or a baseball game, the Colorado Rockies just happen to be in town playing the LA Dodgers. Perhaps your dad gets tickets for you and your pal to go to the game. Maybe your mom takes you and your friend to the stadium so you can be there when the gates open two hours early and watch batting practice. Then Rockies outfielder David Dahl throws you a practice ball from the field and you catch it because you always bring your glove to games. You get some cool autographs. You eat weird stadium nachos out of a bowl that looks like a helmet. And maybe your team loses, but it's still a perfect night.