Saturday, December 14, 2019

April 8, 1944

Irene Manning
April 8, 1944

Dear Puss,
Irene Manning was the latest of the pinup gals put out to stimulate the imagination, but now I have a pin up that I have wanting. O' course it is the picture you sent a few days ago and it looks very nice here too - but sometimes I have to take it down because I get to thinking how very swell it would be to be on a bus entering Borger and then getting off. I would know that it wouldn't be too long 'til I passed through the white fence, open the door, and once more I'd be where I belonged. We'd stay there not for long so the three of us would go and find a spot to call our own where we could build our nest and watch the rest of the world go by. You are so nice to come home to and love. And it would be tea for three.

Big hugs and kisses galore. Save them for me, Puss, 'cause I'll be there to get them one of these days.

I love ya, Puss.

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