Friday, May 8, 2020

And Just Like That, It Was Gone

A week and a half ago, Karen called to let me know Smacksy was down. Not sad down, more omg-where-the-hell-did-all-my-writing-from-the-last-eleven-years-go down. This site has never been down.

During the first ten years of Smacksy, when I posted every day, if I was late with a post, I would get emails and messages asking if I was okay. For the past year, I've eased off a little and my posting has been spottier but I still post multiple times a week, with a photo, a piece of writing, a video, a something. Smacksy is my home, of sorts, and this felt as if I came home from Von's one day to find that my family had moved and forgotten to tell me.

Where my site had been, there was a page listing my domain name as lapsed. I will spare you the details of the hours Mr. Rosenberg spent on the phone with GoDaddy. Just know that it was a week and a half of not knowing if Smacksy was dead or alive. The problem was ultimately solved, obviously, because here we are. I am grateful to be back. Having a live-in internet technology expert is fantastic. I highly recommend it.

If you missed Smacksy - Hey! We're back!
If you hadn't missed Smacksy - Hey! We're back!

We're back.  Thank you for still being here.


  1. Thank goodness! I saw the domain failure, gasped, chalked it up to the massive weirdness of the world lately and waited it out. Welcome back!

  2. I am so glad you're back. Losing a blog is just horrible. Mine was sick for a few days because of something I did and it was just awful.

  3. As a long-time "follower" without my own social media presence, I was very concerned and also hoping that someone else would let you know (thank you, Karen!) I love this space and I'm so happy you continue to post old-school blog style. And I'm here for it however often you choose to do so! xo