Friday, August 14, 2009

What Not To Do: Dropped Call

You did this:
After her dermatologist appointment, your wife calls you at work from her cell phone and mentions that she has been diagnosed with a little bit of vitiligo. (Patchy pigmentless skin spots.) As she drives through Eagle Rock, the call breaks up and cell service is lost.

Don’t do this:
Due to the bad phone connection, you do not hear “vitiligo” but rather “impetigo.” Instead of calling your wife back, you do immediate "medical research" on the internet, limited to looking at hundreds of photos of lesions, open sores, and horrific pustules. You panic, certain that your wife will now have to move to a modern day leper colony.


  1. And under NO circumstances should you forward the pictures.

  2. Which is in Hawaii, by the way. Capitalize on this small misunderstanding. Accidentally find yourself on Maui, though.

  3. I thought "impetigo" was a Harry Potter spell?