Wednesday, August 26, 2009

You’re Welcome

Earlier this week I posted my 100th blog post. (Cue: confetti/balloons/marching band/pageant wave.) My friend Ted asked, “So do you like, take a day off when you don’t have anything to write about?” My answer was of course, “No” because I never let a little thing like lack of worthwhile content stop me. Posts with topics like that horrible thing my dog ate, my kid’s favorite sweat pants, and that cat litter I am so fond of are proof that my subject matter filter has large holes.

There are however some posts that I have written that have not seen the light of day, vetoed mostly due to their absolute stultifying dullness, and for that friends, you can thank me.

Eight things you will (probably) not be reading about except as the following list:

• Crap I have bought on eBay

• Crap I have sold on eBay

• How much time I have wasted (in hours and minutes) combing the internet for evidence of So You Think You Can Dance contestant love hook ups

• All the ways coffee kicks green tea’s ass

• The time I thought I re-tore my rotator cuff but it was really just a sore muscle from holding my book at a weird angle while I was on the Precor machine at the YMCA

• When I lost my car at the Us Festival

• Why I love TIVO

• People who have screwed me over on eBay that I have not given negative feedback to for fear of negative feedback retaliation and how I am somewhat conflicted about it

(I can feel your gratitude.)


  1. I've heard the US Festival story (more than once)...

    You can all be thankful.

    But yet I feel the TIVO subject has legs.

  2. I am oozing with thankfulness.

    Of course my last post was a picture of a moth, so who am I to judge? lol.

  3. I think you're saving the ebay posts for a separate blog.

  4. Those titles sound tantalizing but I can't empathize with even one of them.

    Did you know the 7th Harry Potter book should not be read in hardback? Too hard on the wrists.

    At least it wasn't my rotator cuff. Very difficult to explain why you have on a wrist brace.