Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Pulling

I sat next to Bob in his bed as he was drifting off to sleep. This bedtime ritual is 20% sweet mother/son time and 80% securing the exits to stop him from stripping naked and running through the house. As Bob was trying to find a comfortable position, he had one leg and part of his head hanging precariously over the edge. I gently scooted him back to the middle of the bed. He sat up suddenly.

“Ow! You pulled my pee pee!”

“No I didn’t. I moved you over. Are you alright?”

“It hurts!”

“I’m sorry you got rearranged in a bad way down there, but I did not pull your pee pee… penis. I wouldn't do that.”


“So, it's time to close your eyes…"

Bob bolted upright, “I need to talk about pulling.”


“Mama, pulling is for wagons and trailers and things that you pull, not for pee pees. You don’t pull a pee pee.”

“Um... Yeah, let’s go with that."

"Goodnight, Mama."


  1. It makes having all girls sound that much easier.

  2. Bob seems to have inherited your good humor. Thanks for a year of laughs!

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