Saturday, December 12, 2009

Smacksy Saturday Photo(s): Picture Day

Bob recently had his pre-school class photos taken.
My order looked like this:

1 - 5/7
2 - 3/5
2 - Wallet
1 - Class Photo

Both of Bob's Grandmother's combined order looked like this:

3 - 8/10
4 - 4/6
4 - 3/5
20 - Wallets
2 - Class Photos
1 - Cute As Can Bee, personalized book
2 - "I Love Grandma" Mugs
2 - Photo Key Chains
1 - Photo Fridge Magnet

His teacher told me that ours was the largest photo order she had seen her years at the school.
It's good to be king.


  1. Before I got to the end of the list of things ordered by the grandmothers, I was soooo hoping those things in the top right of the photo were shot glasses with Bob's photo on them. I don't even know Bob personally and I would have ordered a couple of those.

  2. Us parents know, you really only need one large picture to hang up in the house somewhere, and then a bunch of wallets to give to relatives. Where do grandmothers think they are going to put them all?

  3. Uhmmm how come I wasn't told it was time to order?

    Unless one of those 3/5 is for me... someone's in doodoo.