Thursday, August 25, 2011


"Bob, that's enough with the whining."

"But please, Mom? You're being the meanest mom in the whole wide world!"

"You're behaving like a little bratty guy."

"Mom! Don't call me little!"


  1. My mom said she was allowed to call us little until we were taller than her. Needless to say, she still calls me little. It's not just you, Bob!!

  2. I love that he doesn't mind being called bratty as long as you don't call him little!

  3. Bob, Bob, Bob....what is your mama going to do with you? Hehehehe!

  4. Don't know how you did it, but you managed to create the perfect blog. Just read ten posts in about 4 minutes and laughed out loud at all of them. SO sweet. SO funny. SO brilliant. You win. And so do we... The readers.

  5. How do you keep from laughing when he says stuff like this? The jems that come from my nephew's mouth (especially when he is being bad) are hilarious and I am frequently looking at the sky to try to keep from laughing. I'm afraid he is suspecting what is going on though which means I've now rewarded the tantrum!

    I'm a bad aunt!

  6. I've been getting a lot of hyperbolic why me, I never-ever get to, worst mommy brattiness lately, so I empathize big time. And then the tiny storm cloud rolls out and I have my sweet daughter again. It's exhausting.