Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fiesta de Los Gatos

"Dad? How is Violet supposed to celebrate a cat birthday with only humans?"

"You think she should have a cat party?"

"Yeah. Maybe Miss Belva could bring Cindy from next door and Mee Mee could bring Marty over."

"That would be pretty crazy. Would they have cat birthday cake?"

"Cat cake is made out of turkey. We can make it. It's what Vi's wants."


  1. You should totally do it. It's a splendid idea.

  2. Here you go.

    Birthday Meat Cake.

  3. Can you imagine a cat party? It could be quite entertaining...

  4. Ole! *dons party hat*

    BTW, I'm putting Bob in charge of my birthday celebration this year.

  5. Every day is my cat's birthday, then. She helps herself to anything she wants. Maybe she would really think it was her birthday if I'd stop chasing her off the counter.

  6. I used to make a liver and carrot cake for my dog and we'd invite her best five dog friends over to celebrate. Sometimes we'd get one good photo before the hats were ripped off each other and my dog, knowing it was HER cake, would take the whole thing and refuse to share.

    But cats? Very interesting idea!