Thursday, September 1, 2011

He's Only Five

"Hey, Mom? Remember when I used to love The Beatles?"

"You don't love them anymore?"

"Now I like really loud rock and roll."

"You can turn up the volume on The Beatles and make it louder."

"No, now I like the rock and roll that sounds loud like a drill, like a super, big drill."


  1. Play "Helter Skelter" for him off the White Album. That should do it. :)

  2. So he's ready for the Rolling Stones.

  3. I'm with Sister Moon. He is so ready for the Stones. And a little AC/DC.

  4. I'm so sad that Bob Rosenberg has moved on from The Beatles to loud drill music. Oh well, that's life...

  5. things change, times go- but Bob will never stop being cute. Older maybe, but still cute

  6. I recommend earplugs. For him and for you.

  7. He and my eight year old should get together. I've missed Bob.

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