Sunday, September 4, 2011

Smacksy Sunday Links

Earlier this week I was entranced by Roddy McDowell's never-seen-before, silent home movies from 1965. I mean it, entranced.

The weather is starting to cool off just a little and I'm in the mood for this.

And the haunting, Thieves in the Night read by Kristi Walter at Listen To Your Mother LA.

Happy Sunday.


  1. Oh, my! Robert Redford was sooooo gorgeous. (sigh.)
    And, actually, he still looks pretty decent even now.

  2. Helloooooo, Captain Von Trapp! Also - Natalie Wood - those freckles! Those eyes! So beautiful.
    And holy moly, I worship Julie Andrews and even more so now watching her drive away in her giant station wagon. Love.

  3. Ha - I just watched that one at Rock Hudson's with Lauren Bacall being all bossy. It doesn't have any sound but you can tell she's being bossy.

  4. I love your Sunday's Monday but I always look forward to reading your blog.

    All of this blog captivated me. But I was moved by Kristi Walter's reading. I am of a divorced family. I only wish I had had my dad in my life...even for 5 days. But I didn't...hearing her voice, quiver with emotion..I understood her deep feelings on being a mother. I am so happy that my Love and I are a loving couple and loving parents to our children.