Sunday, April 15, 2012

Smacksy Sunday Links

Into the belly of the whale.

If you didn't get to see this floating around the internet this week, you really must.

I love tiny house stories.

And this is a delightful bit of ennui.

Happy Sunday.


  1. I cried inconsolably just now over Caine's Arcade. Especially his very last line. Totally going to post this.

  2. Caine is amazing! As for the little house dwellers (Hari, Carl and their small fries) featured on Anderson, they may save tons not wasting money on huge electric bills and extra space that they don't need, but, man! Their ultra-sad, little faces say so much! In fact, they're shouting! Even though I like little house stories and love living itty-bitty myself, I don't know if I'd be up for this family's so-called happily-ever-after existence. There doesn't seem to be room enough for smiles. Maybe they should build on...

    1. I'm afraid I was too busy looking at all of their tiny things to notice their tiny, nonexistent smiles...

  3. I love tiny house stories and tiny things. AND I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE YOU IN. A FEW DAYS.

  4. I love tiny houses too. So fabulous! But that cardboard arcade? Oh my. So adorable. And that filmmaker? Yeah. That's the stuff.