Monday, November 12, 2012


Bob's soccer team, The Red Fire Dragons, had a game on Saturday. The team's most "competitive" player was out of town with his family. The opposing team was a little older, a little more experienced. Regarding players this age, the league encourages us not to keep score but I couldn't help but notice that we scored exactly one. The other team scored one approximately every forty seconds. Some highlights from our team:

Bob got smacked in the side of the head with the ball and referred to it as "good defense."

It was Dylan's turn to throw in the ball. He held the ball over his head but before he would throw it,  he ran to his mom on the sidelines to give her a kiss.

 Cody was kicking the ball from the sidelines into the field and missed. He landed on his backside with the ball underneath him.

Bob scored a goal... for the other team.

The referee took our guys into a huddle and gave them a pep talk.

Dylan got a ball in the face, breaking his glasses and sending them flying in two different directions.

The other team's coach had actual plays drawn out on a clipboard. On our side, the parents reminded the players which way to run by pointing.

Bob got nailed in the chest with the ball and referred to it as "good defense."

Out on the field, Bob had words with one of the players from the other team. "I told him that having fun was the most important thing and he said it wasn't but I know it is."

I love The Red Fire Dragons.


  1. The Red Fire Dragons is my new favourite sports team.

    1. I'm ordering my jersey now! Go Red Fire Dragons and Bob! What's his number? That's the one I want.

  2. Good D is important even when you're having fun.

    I've watched this game a time or two. It always cracks me up and makes me tear up just a bit. The days of innocence fly by far too quickly.

  3. This was the most awesome sports reporting I've ever read. And I love the image of the little guy running over to give his mom a kiss. Bet THAT won't happen in high school. ;)

  4. AH! This is The Best! I miss those days of soccer, before it got crazy competitive complete with two days of try outs.

  5. High five to Bob for all of his "good defense."

  6. That Bob sounds like a tough defender. And the boy who ran over to kiss his mom? Well, I hope someone got that on video.

    Go Fire Dragons!

  7. "Bob got nailed in the chest with the ball and referred to it as "good defense."

    God help me but I love this boy so much.

    Please, don't grow up, Bob.


  8. Don't you love the way they run in a little pack and kick the snot out of each other for the entire game?

  9. Oh Lisa, I've been reading your blog for a long time, but this post takes the cake. I have my own amateur soccer player at home and when he was Bob's age we had some very similar experiences as this one. We are going through a very challenging soccer experience right now and reading your post really put things in perspective for me. Thank you!

  10. I am crying. That was hilarious. LOVE Bob, his team and you!

  11. I love the Red Dragons, too. They are ferociously fair and friendly.

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