Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Back to School

Teddy is awesome.
He is sweet and funny and affectionate.
And he has mastered the following commands:
He will sit... if you're holding a treat.
He will come here... if he feels like it and you're holding a treat.
He will walk nicely on a leash... only if Mr. Rosenberg is the one on the other end of the leash.
He will stop barking at the mailman... if you're holding a treat.
He will not jump up on you when you walk in the door... well, he pretty much always jumps up on you when you walk in the door.

Today I saw this video:

With a little help, Teddy could totally do that stuff. Maybe.
Friends? I think Teddy is headed to school.


  1. OK, that dog is totally a hollywood actor or he's CGI. Teddy is going to make Jumpy look like a dunce. Go Teddy!

  2. That *picture* is a treat. :)

    Good luck, Teddy!


  3. I'd send FeeBee to school, but I'm afraid she'll forget everything she learned about not running away from me the minute she spotted a squirrel.

    1. I suppose I need to steel myself for mixed results. xo

  4. Good for you for taking baby steps with Teddy's training by not raising the bar to an impossibly high level. Go Teddy!