Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Day Camp

"Hey, Bud. How was your first day of summer camp?"

"It was great."

"What did you do?"

"We swam and did archery and campfire songs and a bunch of stuff. Oh, and I saw a lizard in the wild."

"Nice. I'm glad you liked it."

"It was good except one thing. It's verrry tiring. There should be more sitting."


  1. Once again, I am solidly with Bob on this issue. I am a fan of the sitting.


  2. I swore I would never mention spitting coffee on the keyboard, so forget I mentioned that.
    Last summer I had four grandchildren in day camp and once day sent carrots for a snack. My eleven year old returned his uneaten. "Too much chewing."

  3. A real lizard IN THE WILD. Come to Texas, kiddo. We see them every day. :)