Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Good Boy

"Bob, what's going on? Are you throwing pencils at the wall? Don't do that, please. Look at that. Now I have to clean the wall."

"Sorry, Mom. Does that mean I'm a bad boy?"

"Of course not. You're a good boy who had a little bad behavior."

"What if I am bad? Me. Bad boy trademark."


  1. Well, if you're gonna be bad, you should at least lock down your intellectual property and protect your brand.


  2. I love this. I taught preschool for 13 years and now have a 3 year old and what you said about being a boy with a little bad behavior is HUGE. I heard a speaker once who talked about how he believed he was inherently bad for a big part of his life because he was always being called a bad boy. It's such a small little step to just says that the behavior is bad, not the kid, I wish more would take it! Thank you for doing that.