Thursday, March 20, 2014


"Teddy! Come here boy! Teddypants! It's time to go outside! Come, Teddy! Here we go, Buddy. Come on! How about a snack? Do you want a cookie, Good Boy? Do you? Well, come here then! Come here! Come! Come over here! Tedman! What are you doing? It's time to come over here. Let's go outside. Look! I'll go with you! Ted? Where's your ball? Go get your ball! Go get it! Get it Teddy! Teddy? Its outside time! Tedders! Come on, Boy! Really? What's going on? Okay, Teddy. Just lay down. Good boy. Where are you going? Ted? Teddy?"


  1. I've pretty much embraced the fact that we all work for Teddy. And you know what? I'm okay with it. :)


  2. That's me out in my backyard so all my neighbors hear me. It's also probably why some of them avoid me.

    Of course, mine include, "Stop eating dirt!" which makes all of us sound brilliant.