Wednesday, April 9, 2014


"So, Alessandro our car is really old."

"Really? How old is it, Bob?"

"It was made in 1996."

"Wow, that's super old. Well, my mom was born in 1987."

"My Mom was born in 1964 that's why she's almost FIFTY years old, right Mom?"


  1. Ha! I never thought age meant much. People get old but not because of their age.

  2. and this is why my mother never told me her age until i was older :P

  3. I got called old for the first time when I was 24.
    7th grader: How old are you?
    Me: I'm 24.
    7th grader: That's old!
    Me (defensive): Twenty-four is NOT old!
    7th Grader: You're twice our age; that's old.
    Me: Oh.

    I have, therefore, been "old" much longer than most people have been. Congratulations on making it almost to 50 before becoming old.

    PS. At least you didn't have a 1st grader when you were a mere 27!