Monday, August 4, 2014

About Summer

Summer is filling up water balloons in the kitchen sink. It's concerts in the park with grown ups dancing while you and your friends eat tacos from the stand in the blue tent.  It's belly-flopping when you're trying to dive. Summer is talking into a fan to hear your voice sound like a robot.

Summer is sleep-overs when it isn't even the weekend. Summer is watermelon for breakfast and the reading club at the library. It's hitting tennis balls in the backyard and one always gets stuck on the roof. Summer is holding your hand in the wind outside the window of the station wagon and feeling what it's like to fly. It's swimming in your grandma's pool while she sits in the Jacuzzi.

Summer is a hot storm at night and when your dog comes into the house he shakes off on your bed and gets you wet from the rainwater. It's YMCA basketball in the gym with the wood floors that make your shoes squeak. It's sleeping in your underpants with no blanket. It's riding to day camp in the backseat between two of your best friends. It's lizards under the porch. Summer is the smell of wet cement and the sound of ice in the drinks.

Summer is reading The Hardy Boys right before bed but it's still light outside. It's running through the sprinklers with your clothes on. Summer is flip flops. It's the beach and the taste of salt water in your mouth and real sand in the sandwiches. It's the sound of the back of your thighs as they peel off of the lawn chair. It's garage sales and lemonade stands and corn on the cob. Summer is the 4th of July parade and barbecues. It's fireworks that rain down ash on your head.

Summer is possibility and days that last forever.


  1. Love this one - one of your best!

  2. This is perfect. You captured so many of the things that make summer my favorite. Beautifully done.

  3. My girls have 3 more weeks until they start school. As much as they drive me crazy in the summer, I can't bear the thought of them going to 1st grade.

  4. One of your very best. You've captured it so perfectly. Such a sweet time of life!

  5. So lovely. My baby starts college in a few weeks, so I think I'll start making my own water balloons.

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  7. I love how you made me remember my own childhood while at the same time I thought of my kids' childhood summers...

  8. That was a wonderful bit of writing,
    I would have added the ice cream truck though.
    Love your blog,