Tuesday, August 5, 2014


"Check it out, Mom! I made something called a Shrinky Dink at camp today."

"Cool. I didn't know those were still around."

"Yeah. You draw on this plastic and then you put it in the oven and it gets all hard."

"I know, they had those when I was a kid too."

"They did?"

"There was a show about a guy named Winky Dink and you would put the plastic over the screen and trace his drawings on the TV."

"Whoa. Did MeeMee's have them when she was a little girl too?"

"No. When MeeMee was a very little girl, they only had radio."

"But then how did you trace pictures on a radio?"


  1. I love that those are still around!


  2. "...how did you trace pictures on a radio?"

    Very carefully, Bob.

  3. I have been informed that the TV show (Winky Dink) and the toy (Shrinky Dinks) are not related. Seems like a missed marketing opportunity to me!