Thursday, February 19, 2015


Today I will do my civic duty. I report to the courthouse at 8:00am to spend the day being "Juror 1967." I will come prepared with a book, a computer, a cell phone, and an enormous coffee. I will dress comfortably and keep my expectations low. It actually might not be so bad to sit in a room and be forced to sit still.  By that I mean, it will be great to sit in a room and be forced to sit still. I will report back with anything interesting that is not classified information.


  1. Good morning from Portland, Ore.--

    I like your “Lent Things” idea on slimming back on your click-bait. And so I'm doing it now, too.

    I'm going to cut down on all the "entertainment" news and "awesome" or "amazing" or "hottest" or "jerkiest" lists and the like that I don't always (sometimes, but not always; I mean, Jimmy Fallon is funny and smart, and sometimes you gotta’ click that stuff, because what's not to like there?) seek out but that, based on that occasional wayward click, do pop up in my inboxes and in the sidebars of articles I read. (I almost wrote "news articles," but then news often serves as entertainment, it seems. Just ask Brian Williams.)

    And not just for Lent, but for Life, I think; for more than 40 days, for 40 years. (I met with a financial adviser yesterday; he said I will actuarily—not actually—live until 90.)

    A few months ago, I decided not to read or look at anything--howsoever I came across it--on the Kardashians. This week, however, after your post on “curating” your own reading, in the corner of my screen I saw something on how Kanye threw out all her "cheesey" clothes. And I paused. Just by seeing the headline, I had read enough. I didn’t bite.

    So thank you for the booster shot.

    Last night, I read Pico Iyer's latest, "The Art of Stillness." It's a short book gleaned from a TED talk and intended to be read in one sitting. I think you'll like it

    And here's some crazy talk: my phone is coming to the end of its plan, so I have an upgrade coming. They used to be free, but now we have to pay for upgrades upwards of $100. This for the privilege of getting the latest and greatest. Technological click-bait, if you will. Maybe I'll go back to one of those old flip-, non-smart-phones. It means more cumbersome texts to my wife and friends and no real-time keeping track of the Giants, but it could be worth it to me. It certainly seems aligned with the notion of clarifying one’s technological life, doesn’t it?
    iPhone 5s(iPhone 6 is probably too smart for me) or flip-phone? I have until April 6 to decide.

    I enjoy your posts,


    1. You're a brave soul to think of giving up your iPhone. I will check out the art of stillness. Sounds just right. xoxoxo

  2. I have yet to be called for jury duty. Is it too much to hope that it never happens?