Wednesday, June 24, 2015

When Bob and I Talked About Charleston

"Bob, I don't know if you heard about the horrible thing that happened in Charleston, South Carolina."

"No, but I think I've heard of that place."

"On Wednesday in Charleston, some African American men and women were having a prayer meeting at church. A man who is a white supremacist came into their church. Do you remember what a white supremacist is?'

"Yeah, someone who thinks they're better than everyone who isn't white and carries hate in their heart."

"That's right. Well this white man, took out a gun and killed nine of the African American people in that church."

"That's too awful."

"It is."

"Just because they don't look like him? Did the police get him? Is he going to jail?"

"Yes to all of that."

"How can he not know that we're all equal?"

"I think he has a mindset of fear and intolerance."

"Why can't they just get all of the racist supremacist people and put them in jail?"

"In America you can't arrest people for what they think or what they feel. Even if it's terrible and wrong."

"So that man would want Armand to not live because his dad is black? Or me to not live because I'm part Jewish?"

"He could. And you know what's amazing? The families of the people he murdered have already forgiven the killer."

"Why? Don't they hate him?"

"Those families are full of grace. They know that hate and anger hurt your soul."


"Yes, love?"

"I'm sad and I'm going to be angry for awhile too."


  1. Bob is so wise. I wonder where he gets that from? ;)

    It's ok to be sad, and angry for a while. You and Mr R are doing a great job, Lisa.

  2. You did a great job with that one, Lisa. Bob is a lucky boy. Even in this crazy world, he is one of the luckiest.

  3. Thank you, Bob. You cheered me up this morning.

  4. Oh that brought tears. Bob's parents are raising one heck of a boy.
    Shirley B.

  5. Lovely work, Lisa.


  6. Lady, you and Mr. R are doing your job right. Hugs all around.

  7. If only we did not have to have these talks... :(