Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Amusement Park: A Review

"Mom? I think my favorite part was riding The Silver Bullet, or maybe that other roller coaster where I couldn't stop screaming and yelled, 'Goodbye cruel world!' and that guy laughed. That super swingy ride that you threw up after was fun too, except for the part where you barfed, but don't worry, that didn't wreck anything for me. Panning for gold with that old miner named 'Pappy' was fun. Do you think his real name is Pappy? Posing for the old-timey picture and dressing up like cowboys was cool and that ride in the mine was awesome except it kind of smelled like the inside of the washing machine. My shirt's still wet from that big rapids ride. Do you still have water in your ear from when it splashed up in your face? That candied apple was so big, I'm going to bring the rest home for Dad. And Mom? I'm pretty sure this was the best day ever."