Monday, August 24, 2015

The Vows

Photo Lora Somoza

We did it. Last night, surrounded by family and friends, we renewed our vows. We prayed, we ate, and in the Jewish tradition, Mr. Rosenberg and I were carried around on chairs as we all danced the hora. It was wonderful and I have never felt more loved.

My Vows
I promise to let the dog sleep on my side of the bed.
I promise not to take it personally when you add Sriracha hot sauce to everything I cook.
I promise to create a life of shared moments and thoughtful years.
I promise that I will love you.
I pledge to listen to your advice, most of the time.
I pledge not to take score, even if I'm totally winning.
I pledge to always admire your huge, strong, kind, and determined heart.
I pledge that I will love you.
I vow to listen for as long as it takes for you to feel heard.
I vow to stand with you as we watch our son grow to be a man.
I vow to be your cheerleader in the days when it all feels too much.
I vow that I will always love you.

Mr. Rosenberg's Vows
I will always finish the "bottom half" of your coffee when you no longer want it.
I will not ever get up in your business about haircuts or salons even though I never realized how many appointments are required to make this happen.
I will always love your point of view even if it's not (Especially because it's not) the same as mine.
I will never suggest a "couples retreat."
Even though I have a hard time living in the moment, I vow to be here now and to stay in the present going forward, because these moments include you and Bob, my favorite people.
I will always be your biggest fan - prepared to smackdown with your mom over rights to this title.
I will keep all of the happy places we have found together etched in my mind (snuggling with everyone on the bed, the dog beach in San Diego, our first time being in Cambria on the bluffs) and look forward to so many more.
I will always want to take you out on romantic make out dates.
I will always be a loving dad to Bob and get tearful when I think about how much I love our family.
I will accept and return all the love you give me.
I will take you in my pocket with me everywhere.

Photo Jennifer Heftler


  1. Oh, impossible to tell you how much I love this. But I'll try. And Bob in this photo is doing me in. Congratulations, Rosenbergs!

  2. You both said it all. Especially the couples retreat. Love you gorgeous Rosenbergs.

  3. Beautiful and wonderful, an inspiration. Thank you for sharing your family with all of us.

  4. Love this. Many MORE happy years together!

  5. There is so much that is horrible on the web. Some days I decide to go offline forever because of it. But then I read posts like this and my faith in humanity and love and people and family is restored. Thank you for sharing.

  6. What a gorgeous and wonderful event. Thank you for allowing our family to celebrate with yours. xo

  7. I love this so much. Congrats to a beautiful family. Again. :)

  8. I've been waiting to see this come up in my feed. Love you three - so happy that you made the time to deliberately appreciate the joy you've found. It's inspirational.
    PS who gives their husband the bottom half of their coffee? That's where the caffeine lives, man!

  9. What a goodness! Love and more love and that is what this universe needs.

  10. Thank you for sharing this! I think that the few blogs I read, this one included, bring me 'round because of the love - and you just showed how wonderful that is. Thanks for helping me remember what's really important.

  11. I am mentally dancing the hora for you right now! Hava Nagila. :)

  12. Just lovely! Kathryn

  13. Beautiful and sweet and funny too! My husband is a fellow sirachi fan...a bottle a week. He even takes it to work with him to pour on his lunches.

  14. Fantastic! Blessings to you all - here's to many more years together.

  15. "I will take you in my pocket with me everywhere"

    He's a keeper. ;)

  16. You Rosenbergs are my modern fairy tale romance.

  17. Oh so lovely, all of it! Thank you for sharing this with us all!

  18. This made me teary. You are about the sweetest family ever.

  19. This made me cry. I'm so happy for you. And so happy for Mr. Rosenberg. Both of them. Because Bob being a part of this and the vows was important. The day looks painted by God himself. And since I believe in angels, I feel certain that they were singing. And maybe even shaking a tail feather, too.

    1. Thank you, sweet lady. It was a beautiful evening, a beautiful experience! xoxo

  20. Such a beautiful night, Lis! I'm so proud to be your friend after all these years and was thrilled to celebrate your marriage 10 years later! You, Jeff and Bob have created a loving, fun and kind family. Your vows were so creative --- just loved every moment. xxooo