Wednesday, January 10, 2018

That Place

When I first learned to meditate, maybe twenty-five or so years ago, I created a "happy place" in my mind. A sunlit beach. A coastline dotted with flowers and cypress trees and vaguely Mediterranean buildings. It was like the photos I'd seen of Portofino or Manarolo Cinque Terre. A place I'd never been, but a place I returned to again and again.

In the early 90s, I found a picture of my place in an antique store. I was too broke to buy it, but I bought it anyway. Over time I found more old pictures to fill out my collection, similar in feel but no two are the same. I never get tired of them or of that place.

That place is there every time I close my eyes.


  1. What an absolutely lovely post and a lovely thought. I need to work on my "place". Thanks for the reminder.
    Shirley B.

  2. Beautiful! As a School Counselor for 34 yrs (social worker for 40 yrs total) I did this with kids fro 5 to 14. It's a wonderful part of mindfulness. ~ Cindy Mann

  3. I also love that style of painting. My Dr office has a couple that I love. I often wonder if they would notice if my walked out with them. With what they charge they should give a complimentary painting.