Wednesday, August 1, 2018

I'm Like One of Those Dogs Who Work at the Airport

All of us have special skills. I have a few myself. Most of my skills center around organizational craziness involving silverware drawers and coat closets. I can also wiggle my ears. I have memorized an arsenal of old-school remedies ("Put a copper penny between your top lip and gums to stop a nose bleed...") I can fold a fitted sheet. I can name any Steve Miller Band song in three notes. Am I just showing off now? Yes, I am. Today at the Lisbon apartment we are staying in, I employed one of my very special skills.

I have not smoked pot since 1987 but being raised in Santa Cruz, California - a marijuana haven - I have a sixth sense (Sensimilla? Hello!) about where pot is hiding in a room. In California, it's legal and you don't have to hide it anymore so I haven't employed this skill for quite some time.

In a game I like to call I Know Where You're Hiding Your Weed, look at the photo below of the living room at our Airbnb and guess where the gram of plastic-bagged weed is hiding. (I did!)

If you guessed, inside the seemingly empty chest being used as a coffee table in the center of the room, you are correct! You are now allowed to add Weed Whisperer (or something) to your special skill list. Congratulations. I wiggle my ears to you.

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