Monday, June 8, 2009

18 Morning Minutes

You may be familiar with the classic baby shower activity where, unbeknownst to the mom-to-be, as she is opening all of the adorable gifts, one of the guests is writing down each of mama’s remarks. Once the presents are unwrapped, the comments are read aloud. “That is so cute!” “How cute is that?” “So, cute!” “Oh my goodness but that’s cute!” Everyone laughs at all the “cute” and it’s sweet and sorta funny and a fine shower-y time is had by all.

I decided to play the game with myself for just the first 18 minutes of a regular morning. Perhaps you will notice some themes developing.

Good Morning baby! Are you dry? Good job!

What is that smell? Who made that smell and where is it coming from?

Daisy? Everyone? Who needs to tinkle?

Yes, we can read the trains book.

Finger out of your nose, please.

Who’s my favorite pooman?

Yes, they do have a potty at the park.

Careful baby, that’s hot coffee.

No, I don’t want to smell that, thanks.

Daisy! Out of the litter box!

In the front yard? Who pooped in the front yard?

It’s not OK to stand on the couch. We sit on the couch.

Yes, they do have a potty at the library.

Poo poos don’t belong in our underpants.

Who wants a juice box?

No pill bugs in the house, please.

Yes, I would think the mailman probably does poo poo in his potty.

No stickers on the cat. That is not OK.

Oh thank you. What is this? A booger?

Nice pee pee! Yes it made potty bubbles. Now shake it. High-five!

What’s all over your hands? Please tell me it’s chocolate.

No more being bossy, that’s mama’s job...


  1. This had me laughing out loud. My favorites-- No stickers on the cat...what's this? a booger? ...and the one confirming the mailman's place of poop.

  2. LOL! Some of these certainly sound familiar! :)

  3. perhaps this can be a podcast too...real life with mom and Bob