Wednesday, June 17, 2009

All Happy, All the Time

25 Things About Daisy by Daisy Rosenberg
  1. I like my snacks.
  2. I like your snacks better.
  3. I play piano in the middle of the night.
  4. I enjoy the company of cats and count a number of them among my closest friends.
  5. I think the Halti Harness™ is Satan's handiwork.
  6. It's not me that's shedding, it's that tall guy.
  8. I believe digging is a highly underrated activity.
  9. I am usually wondering if you have any snacks.
  10. I love that kiddie pool way more than the kiddie does.
  11. My enthusiasm is legendary.
  12. I like Thai food.
  13. It doesn't like me.
  14. I once started a 12 puppy mutiny in obedience class.
  15. I wait a minimum of two weeks before ripping the squeaker out of any chew toy. (Manners.)
  16. I once ate an entire rotisserie chicken, (unsanctioned) including the bones, in under 30 seconds.
  17. I don't get this, "Down!" thing that everyone keeps talking about.
  18. I am really into all of your smells.
  19. I am a morning person.
  20. I am also an afternoon, evening, and middle-of-the-night type.
  21. I have difficulty "dialing it down", or so I am told. Repeatedly.
  22. I consider #21 an asset, not a liability.
  23. I must bark at the mailman - I am traditional, like that.
  24. I am delighted to be here.
  25. You know how when I was a puppy? And I was abandoned? And you found me in the rain eating garbage in that parking lot on that first day we met? And you took me home? And you made me part of your family? I haven't forgotten that. And I won't.
You Capture is a weekly photo challenge at a mama blog I like:
I Should Be Folding Laundry
This week's challenge is: Emotion

In my photo above, Daisy shows off her emotion - Sweetest Happy.



  1. #25 made me cry, but I'm like that, especially about dogs. (It will make my sister cry too.) Really nice one Lisa.

  2. ♥♥♥ DAISY IS SO CUTE ♥♥♥

  3. Your honesty and wit always make me smile. You have just summed up our stupid dog that we can't not love. Double negatives confuse how I really feel about that dog.

  4. Dogs is good.

    Daisy is perfect.

  5. OMG your blogs make me laugh.....that is sooooo what they are thinking eh??? Just the best.....I am sitting here eating lemon yogurt cake (I made it) and a glass of red wine (the napa made it) and I seriously choked.....I may have to sue.......hahahahahaaaaaa

    Love it.

  6. I love Daisy, even though i've never met her! She's rad. Grateful, positive, consistent and happy.

  7. You are so funny! Also, that is a great dog photo :)

  8. I love this post! Perspectives from an adorably persistently happy rescue dog.

  9. Thank you for sharing the joys of living with Daisy :)

  10. Love that shot. I love shots from different perspectives. And your post was great.

    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog.

  11. That's great! Love the shot. Love the thoughts.

  12. awe, this is great. Daisy looks and sounds a lot like my Bo. :D

  13. I think our dogs were separated at birth. I TOTALLY know about the halti.
    Great capture AND post!

  14. this is an amazing post. i really should do the same thing for the variety of animals that roam these four walls. that is true emotion.

  15. I'm with Michaelandfred all the way. #25 = tears! This was a great capture and a great post!

  16. Oh gosh I love dogs. What a great post.

  17. Love your blog, and your dog is sweet! Great capture!

  18. This is awesome! Great post for this week's theme!

  19. You described my dogs almost perfectly!!! And love the shot!

  20. Good Lord. I could have written this post about my dog....He's sooooo hyper and crazy. I love him, but dang...dialing it down? Not part of his vocabulary at all.

  21. Daisy is very sweet! Thanks for visiting my blog for last week's You Capture and sorry I'm late getting here to visit :)

  22. Terrific. I got a lotta smiles out of this one and sent it around to my friends. Thanks for a great little list.

  23. Your puppy has way better manners than mine. He waits a minimum of two minutes (rarely two days) before ripping out the squeaker and all of the fluff from any new toy.

  24. Very sweet and thought-provoking post. I'm going to share it with my friends. Thank you, and hugs to you all and Daisy.

  25. I never saw this before. I love Daisy's post!