Friday, July 17, 2009

Again With the Monkey

You may be aware of my impressions of the early edition Curious George books and my realization that his hi-jinks are more appropriate for fraternity hazings than children’s books. My understanding was that we had weeded out all of the more sinister adventures of the tiny ape and then Bob and his dad went to the library and brought home Curious George Takes a Job.

The short version – George works as a window washer and breaks into an apartment and paints/defaces the walls. To avoid being caught, he flees down the fire escape. He falls and breaks his leg. Tears. Pain. Picture of leg bent in 4 places. He is told that he “deserved it.” Hospital. More pain. Large leg cast and traction. George, finally able to walk again gets into the ether. What happens next can only be described as an old school William S. Burroughs style hallucinogenic trip. Oh and there is also smoking. That rascal George is so curious!

It’s no use fighting. The monkey wins. I now wait breathlessly for the following new arrivals to hit the shelves:

Curious George Cashes His Dead Neighbor’s Social Security Checks

Curious George and the Jaws of Life

Curious George and the Man With the Big Yellow Hat Start a Pyramid Scheme

Curious George: TMZ Mug Shot

Curious George Really Can't Swim

Curious George Moves to Modesto

Curious George Plays the Nickel Slots

Curious George Follows Phish On Their North American Tour and Pays For Gas By Selling Dream Catchers and Kind Veggie Burritos From the Back of His Van With His “Cousin” Amber

"Read it again Mama! Read it again!"


  1. Seriously??? This is what the book is about??? Whatever happened to Lassie???? Little House on the Prairie???

  2. Slumdog George in Trailer Park.

    Completely forgot about that one but now that you mention it, I can trace all of my bad behavior to that one book and Sesame Street. Remember when Oscar was actually grouchy, nobody could see Snuffy except Big Bird, Grover was a trouble maker, all Burt would do was complain about everything, and Ernie and Burt were seen more in their apartment together?

    It explains a lot about our generation, doesn't it?