Monday, January 24, 2011

The Future

Photo of his mother by Bob Rosenberg

"Dad said that when big kids go to college they sometimes move out of their house from their parents."

"Some do."

"When I'm in college I want you to come live at there with me, Mom."

"I can almost guarantee that I will want to do that and I can almost guarantee that you will change your mind, and that's okay."

"I won't change my mind."


  1. Keep that comment from Bob in the interest of future blackmail or just a laugh when most needed -either the blackmail or the laugh.

  2. With a mama that beautiful, he may NOT change his mind.

  3. haha aww! That is so sweet! My little brother used to say he wanted to marry my mom when he got older which is in the same vein but today sounds a little creepy.

  4. Oh! This reminds me of what my little guy did once. I was telling him about how he's going to grow up & go to college one day, and he started CRYING. It broke my heart. He said he didn't want to ever live away from me and that I had to go to college with him. So, I said I would.

    I know he'll change his mind. But it still broke my heart that he cried about being away from me.

    I also love Bob's picture of mom. :)

  5. Oh man. This made my heart hurt. Sweet sweet Bob Rosenberg.

  6. I wish I had that kind of certainty about things.

    Of course, he did tell you that you weren't welcome in his room.

  7. Get it from him in writing! Preferably in front of witnesses. And a notary.

  8. Will recently "fell in love" and told me that he and Regan (his future wife) are going to get married and then we can turn our guest bedroom into a bedroom for her--it will need butterflies because she really likes butterflies.

    When I told him he would have to move into a different house with Regan when they get married, he said, "Can we live next door? And can I take my stuff?" Later he told me that Regan's bedroom in their new house will still be decorated with butterflies, and his will be decorated with cars. I'm pretty sure he'll change some of his thoughts about those arrangements, too.

    BTW, Bob takes stunning pictures, but it may just be his subject.

  9. If this isn't validation for the tremendous job you're doing, I don't know what is. Hugs to you both!

  10. Our favorite babysitter grew up and went off to college last fall. My four year old is had a hard time understanding why/how anyone can live without their family.

    I explained that when you get to be Keeley-sized, sometimes you're ready to try and live by yourself and that College can be a safe place to try this. Besides, you can always come home to visit like Keeley does, and i can always come to visit you.

    Now she tells everyone that when she grows up she's going to college. (Yes!) and she reassures me that she'll come to visit me after she goes.

  11. I think I might have titled this one "In a Galaxy Not so Far Away"