Saturday, January 29, 2011

Smacksy Saturday Photo: Out to Lunch

"Mom? What's all over the floor here?"

"That's sawdust."

"Why is it everywhere?"

"It's an old-fashioned thing that some restaurants do."

"They should do more cleaning."


  1. Bob would be appalled at my house right now.


  2. I agree with Bob. I hate the "dirty" look. I feel like I'm eating in a barn. I also don't like the places that have peanut shells all over the floor. What? Are we at the circus?

  3. What's wrong with eating at the circus? I take perverse pleasure in floors which are dirtier than mine, even if the dirt is sawdust and peanut hulls. In fact, I may adopt this practice myself. Then just sweep up all the sawdust and lay more, fresh and fragrant.
    Sorry Bob.
    Sorry Asha.

  4. More importantly.

    You went to Phillipes without me?!

  5. Bob is so right! There's a restaurant around here with peanut shells on the floor. I cringe upon entry.

  6. I once made the mistake of walking into a restaurant with peanut shells on the floor while wearing heels. I slipped a little with each step I took.
    But I loved the atmosphere of the place.

  7. I love that picture. It's so perfect.