Saturday, October 8, 2011

Smacksy Saturday Photo: Anne Frank


So beautiful.


  1. That girl's diary has taught far more to American children than all the history books combined. We fall in love with her and personalize what was done to her and millions of other people, and things matter in a way they wouldn't otherwise.

  2. Funny. I have been thinking about her a lot in the past twenty-four hours. And there she is, that beautiful girl. That beautiful girl who wrote about what was real and about her dreams.

  3. I hopped over here as soon as I saw "Anne Frank."

    Did you know I grew up being called Anne Frank?

    Yup, true story: my doppelganger. Or appledonger, or whatever that funky word is for lookalike.

  4. Thanks for printing this pic. Love that shot. I used to pretend I was her friend. Also: Empress? Who were you hanging with who saw your little Empress face and thought (hand to cheek) "She's the spitting image of that Anne Frank girl!" Party members on the Lower East Side? Former refusenicks in Brighton Beach?

  5. so moving. Those bastards literally snuffed out the sun when they took this precious child.